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  • Role:
 Development Manager
  • Client:
  • Consultant:
Koetter Kim & Associates
  • TDC:
USD 40 billion
  • Site Area:
36,000,000 sqm
  • Status:
Design Development
  • URL:

Project Overview

Built on a site within proximity of an abundant reserve of oil and gas and capitalizing on its role in bridging continents through revival of the famed silk road in Kazakhstan, Aktau new City establishes itself as the pearl of the Caspian and the sun of Central Asia. The city secures the well being of all its inhabitants while standing at the forefront of the development. Aktau New City is a destination geared to foster growth and prosperous business development.

The scale of the project mandates Kazemir Aktau to act both as a land developer and as a real estate developer.

As a land developer, Kazemir Aktau Development will provide necessary infrastructures for portions of the land and will incrementally invest further infrastructure as necessary. In essence, the area that will be partially serviced in the first phase is the water front area stretching over the length of the project and at a depth of 1.2 km.

As such, many areas can be developed by Kazemir Aktau and/or sold to other developers to be developed as per the master plan regulations.

The development strategy targets four areas for development being: Aktau Parks, a mixed used fully serviced district, the Central Business District, the Hotel and Leisure District offering superb development opportunities in hotels, resorts, retail, luxury condominiums and a casino, and the Caspian Pearl, a gated community of high exclusive villas and a golf course.