• Role:
Management of Financial and marketing studies
  • Client:
Jabal Omar Development Company
  • Consultant:
Athelier Lion
  • TDC:
USD 3.2 Billion
  • Site Area:
230,000 sqm.
  • Status:
Under Construction

Project Overview

Jabal Omar project is the premier development in the Central Area of Makkah. It offers much needed first class accommodation and facilities to the visitors and residents of the holy city of Makkah. The Project constitutes of 35 towers, springing skywards and overlooking the Haram, of Hotels, Furnished Apartments, and Permanent residences these towers rest on podiums that accommodates hotel services, retail spaces, parking, technical spaces, and praying areas. Musalla building that is directly adjacent to the Haram Plazas can accommodate 65,000 worshipers. All these components are set in an urban morphology context that ensures maximum pedestrian permeability from and to the Haram in a human scale ambience.