• Role:
Project management, Design & Construction
  • Client:
Fatima Foundation
  • Consultant:
Azmi Fakhoury
  • TDC:
Not Disclosed
  • Site Area:
1778 sq. m
  • Status:
Design development

Project Overview

The objective of this brief is to set the guidelines for an invited competition to offer a conceptual architectural design for a Mosque in Abou Samra, Tripoli (historically known by Mount Peregrinus). Despite the fact that the project is a religious center composed of many social functions in addition to the prayer hall, the emphasis is set on the Mosque proper as it is meant to be the main driver for the character of the center.
Furthermore, it is important to note that a reference is made to the historical name of Abou Samra in order to highlight the relationship that was forged between the city and this high plateau of olive groves bounding its southwestern edges since the building of the St. Gilles Citadel during the Crusaders Seige in 1103 AD.
The reference to this name is to draw a parallelism between this historical relationship and the potential signature that this project may offer on a site that is diametrically opposite both spatially and historically- a signature that may be carried to the level of the city at large.