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  • Role:
Development Manager
  • Client:
Global Capital & Development Sdn-Bhd
  • Consultant:
Gensler’s Washington Office
  • TDC:
  • Site Area:
143 hectares
  • Status:
Tasks ended on December 31st 2010

Project Overview

The Iskandar Financial District is one of nine parcels that come together to create Medini - Iskandar, Malaysia; a core component of the Iskandar Development Region. The overall master plan of the Iskandar Development Region is managed by the Malaysian Authorities. The Iskandar Financial District overlooks the Straits of Johor, that lie between Malaysia and Singapore and is envisioned to showcase South Johor and Malaysia’s economic health and vibrancy.

As a thriving high-density commercial mixed-use area, the Iskandar Financial District is anchored by the diverse activities of the international finance center. A full range of land uses and functions are planned; including office, retail, residential, hotel and leisure, recreation and public amenities, all fully supported by convenient public transit, roads and parking, open space network and infrastructure. The total development program is 4,283,975 sqm.

The Iskandar Financial District planning approach incorporates a variety of key values:

• Provide urban development that advances long-term economic development and international investment within Malaysia.

• Creates distinctive architectural and urban design elements that establish this new city a unique global destination.

• Responds to regional planning and adjoining districts to provide effective functional linkages and consistent urban design character.

• Offers unique working and living environments for residents and visitors; via its vibrant setting.

• Enhances public life by advancing dynamic and meaningful interaction between the people, the functions and amenities.

• Creates bustling venues with activities occurring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Promotes environmentally responsibility, sustainable and resource efficiency within every aspect of the community.

• Balances the needs of transportation and pedestrians throughout the district; delivering safe, attractive and valuable circulation pathways and environments.

• Engages the world’s intelligent networks of information to further knowledge, health, business, entertainment, travel and culture in all aspects of life.