Millennium’s development management services include:

  • Planning and Design Management
    • Site evaluation and selection.
    • Setting planning and development strategies.
    • Authoring planning and development programs.
    • Selecting, managing and coordinating the works of consulting firms.
    • Authoring and managing architectural competitions.
    • Preparing development briefs to control the development processes.
    • Authoring urban design guidelines.
    • Setting up shows and exhibitions for project launching.
  • Finance and Feasibility Studies
    • Managing macroeconomic and industry studies.
    • Preparing financial feasibility studies that evaluates the viability and potential
      profitability of a development projects.
    • Authoring economic and financial modeling that allows their users, public institutions
      or private companies, to identify specific economic or financial outputs against a set of assumptions
    • Preparing business plans to include country and industry reviews, SWOT analysis, mission
      and strategy, management structure, managerial and operational guidelines, financial model and
      detailed financial forecasts, capital structure, and recapitulating
    • Client representation in private placements and structuring of corporate financial transactions.
  • Project and Construction Management
    • Managing the pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases within the
      development cycle starting from the concept design phase through the final project handover.
  • Marketing and Sales Management
    • Devising the marketing positioning for the development projects.
    • Selecting and managing branding and marketing agencies.
    • Preparing sales documents.
    • Managing market studies and surveys that include both desk and market surveys
      on existing or contemplated products or services.
    • Devising sales strategies.
    • Appointing and managing sales agencies.
  • Legal Services
    • Establish and manage strategic alliances with international corporate
      and real estate law firms to cover different judicial systems in countries of operations.
    • Coordinate and align the works of law firms with the desired development objectives and processes.
    • Prepare land sales, land lease and real estate development contracts and administer them.